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Quarter Tariff Adjustment For February To March 2023

QTA for Feburary to March 2023

According to the NEPRA sources. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has allowed power distribution companies (Discos) to recover Rs 41.938 billion from their consumers for the first quarter of (July-September) 2022-23 under the QTA mechanism.

Although electricity prices are already so high, the common man is suffering to pay the wapda electricity bill. So again it will create a burden on the consumer of all discos.


The impact of QRA will vary on every Electricity Distributions companies as shown under

  • IESCO consumers will be of Rs 1.97 per unit,
  • LESCO Rs 2.76 per unit,
  • GEPCO Rs 4.06 per unit,
  • FESCO Rs 3.26 per unit,
  • MEPCO Rs 4.80 per unit,
  • PESCO Rs 1.25 per unit,
  • HESCO Rs 1.77 per unit,
  • QESCO Rs 4.09 per unit,
  • SEPCO Rs 2.31 per unit, and
  • TESCO Rs 3.62 per unit

which will be recovered from the consumers in a period of two months i.e. February and March 2023.

The authority, in consistency with its earlier decision in the matter, has also decided not to include the amount of legal charges requested for the 1st Quarter amounting to Rs 4.2 million and also the amount of Rs 545.55 million requested for the previous quarters on the same account, while working out the instant quarterly adjustments.

As per details, the tariff would range between Rs 1.49 and Rs 4.46 per unit for various consumer categories. The increase was made during the financial year’s first quarter in the adjustment account.

The hike in the tariff will be implemented only for the month of February and March, 2023, and will not be taken into effect for K-Electric and Lifeline customers.

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