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Fesco Helpline

Fesco Helpline

Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company (FESCO) is providing all the required online services to its consumers. FESCO is providing online services from payment and downloading of duplicate bill to online help services. Here, on this platform we will tell how one can access FESCO Helpline.

FESCO Helpline Numbers & Email Addresses:

In case of emergency and complain you can approach following FESCO UAN and email addresses:

Helpline 111-000-128
Suggestions [email protected]
Billing Complaints [email protected]
Theft Report [email protected]
Other Complaints [email protected]

FESCO’s Respective Circles Numbers

Peshawar 091-9212523
Khyber 091-9217576
Mardan 0937-9230288
Swabi 0938-221209
Swat 0946-9240367
Abbottabad 0992-9310089
Mansehra 0997-920018
Bannu 0928-613173

Fesco Bill Helpline FAQs

How low voltage issue can be solved in area?

To solve low voltage issue in your area kindly contact SDO/XEN/SE of your area. They will see the problem behind this and refer to FESCO Headquarters for augmentation work.

What can be done to extend load of electricity for commercial purposes?

FESCO offers an A & A form for the extension of load:

To extend your load you would have to deposit the difference of security between sanctioned load and applied load. Apart from this, you’ll also have to pay the following charges:-

  • Cost of material required for electricity load extension.
  • If you have availed any kind of subsidy or benefit in capital connection cost while getting the new FESCO Connection, you’d have to pay that.

What can be done when you are getting the fesco bills on the name of the previous house owner?

The procedure for name change is just as same as prescribed for new connection.

What can be done when your new FESCO electricity meter runs faster than the older one?

The reason behind this is that the new meter is working properly and in a perfect way. While, the old meter became slow and sluggish with the passage of time or due to the internal issues or external factors.

How can the dangerous wires and poles can be removed from the doorway to avoid any kind of unhappy incident?

As the poles and electricity wires were installed before the construction of buildings of houses. So, if anyone wants to relocate the poles and wires, they have to visit the executive engineer operation of your area, they will prepare the chart containing the estimates cost for the relocation of poles and wires. That cost will be paid by the applicant.

FESCO Online Bill