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Precaution During Rainy Season

All Necessary precautions Should Be Taken During Monsoon Rains.

Water and electricity don’t go hand in hand! In fact, they are the worst enemies! Regardless of your job, the rainy season will definitely not protect you from getting wet. Well, there are many hazards when working with electricity during the rainy season. An electrical device charges the water tank with electrical ions, so if you want to step on that water, you’re sure to experience a severe electric shock! The rainy season also causes disruptions and damage to building wiring and even electrical receiving equipment. One little tip: disconnect all high voltage points in the building during thunderstorms and do not touch electrical contacts with bare hands during rain! Not only that, but there are many other things to do and do to cope with electricity during the rainy season, and this article will help you get to know all of them.

Rain and storm can pose a threat to electrical safety. Lightning and falling power lines and poles can cause injury or damage to life and property. PESCO advises its esteemed customers and the general public to always exercise caution to avoid electrical accidents during the rainy season by observing the following safety precautions:

Safety Tips During Rainy Season

  1. Avoid from fallen electricity poles and power lines or stayaway from anything in contact with these.
  2. Never lift up any low lying power lines.
  3. Don’t raise fallen or badly leaning electricity poles or support structures.
  4. Never jump over, go under, or touch broken or low hanging electricity power lines.
  5. Do not drive over fallen power lines.
  6.  Stay inside a car if it is in contact with a fallen power line and tell others to stay away from the car.
  7. If the car has caught fire, jump out of the car without contact with the car or any other metal part of the car.
  8.  Be careful not to touch water—or anything in contact with water—near where there is a downed power line.
  9. Prevent access to an area where there is a fallen electricity pole, or a broken or low hanging power line by putting warning signs to warn others of the immediate danger.
  10.  Never touch or come close to vandalized electricity equipment.
  11. Report all vandalized PESSCO equipment to PESSCO faults center or to the nearest PESSCO Offices.
  12. Do not climb any tree that is touching or is near to power lines.
  13.  Do try attempt to free somebody who is in contact with an electrical power line; but inform and alert the nearest PESSCO office, faults center and Police or Fire Brigade.
  14. Desist from doing any illegal electricity connections and extensions.
  15. Do not use electrical appliances that have been wet.