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Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

What is Pakistan Citizen’s Portal?

The Prime Minister’s Performance Unit (PMDU) was created in 2013. To redefine a new vision of strengthening civic status and collective governance. Women, privileged persons and foreigners. The main goal of this unit is to give citizens the opportunity to freely communicate with all government agencies and resolve their issues as a matter of priority, in accordance with the government’s vision. This unit will establish a performance management culture and hold various government agencies accountable for their core functions and responsibilities. In addition, the unit will make recommendations to modify and simplify burdensome government procedures based on data from the database in order to ensure convenience for the public.

The division is committed to ensuring that citizens / members registered on the Citizens of Pakistan Portal (PCP) get the best possible comfort from their interactions with government agencies. Suggestions may be made to allow citizens / members to file personal complaints and grievances, report violations of the law, or seek public advice. The unit has an important responsibility to deal fairly with all complaints and suggestions. and effectively through relevant organizations. This directory portal is designed to help government agencies effectively address emerging issues. The processes described in this guide are available for understanding and use by all interested parties.


  1. First of all you need to download the PCP app on your cell phone.
  2. Now for complain you have to register yourself on Pakistan citizen’s Portal App with your CNIC and  obile Number.
  3. After registration you will get a verification SMS on your mobile.
  4. In the end now you can send your complaints and can take part in public polling.

Where To Find The PCP App?

You can easily find the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal App on the following platforms


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You can register your complaint by using citizen portal online. If you don’t have cell phone or android phone don’t worry here is a quick link for your to join PCP by just one click

Use PCP By using this link

Pakistan Citizen Portal Online