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What is Net Metering in Pakistan?


For Pakistani consumers who intend to build or own a renewable energy facility, electricity policy is called a net meter in Pakistan. This electricity policy allows them to generate electricity not only for their own needs, but also to provide additional capacity in the national energy system. This additional energy is then used during periods of low consumption or during periods when the renewable energy facility is not producing enough energy to meet the needs of consumers. In such cases, the user will be compensated in one of two ways: Pay less utility bills Pay more energy than you need The agreement stipulates how consumers will receive compensation through the appropriate disco. In September 2015, NEPRA issued net metering rules that allowed Pakistani discos to buy more electricity generated by consumers to channel it to units used on the grid. According to these rules, each PNN customer with a three-phase connection can use the installation of a network metering unit for renewable energy on a small scale – 1 kW – 1 MW. Renewable energy is a long term energy solution. During the life of the system, solar photovoltaic technology provides access to economical energy sources. Commercial and residential consumers can convert their electricity bills to renewable energy (RE).

Net Metering in Pakistan: How to Apply?

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Net Metering Application: Each applicant who complies with the DPR requirements under the NEPRA rules submits their application along with the required documents to the applicant’s office.

Acknowledgement of the application: The receipt of the application is then confirmed by Disco, which will notify the applicant when the application has been fully completed. This will be done within 5 business days after receiving your order.

In case an application form is incomplete: If any of the applicable information is incomplete or if you have not provided the requested document, the applicant will notify Disco of providing that information or document within 7 days of sending the notice.

Initial Review:

Once your application has been received and completed as required, an initial review will be conducted to determine if the applicant meets the communications requirements, subject to additional requirements. This initial review will be completed within 20 business days.

Preliminary review: Technical feasibility  

When initial verification indicates that the proposed equipment is unacceptable, Disco will return the request within 3 business days and the applicant will be informed of the reason.


After meeting with the disco, the applicant is eligible to become general manager and both parties will sign an agreement. This will happen within ten business days.


A copy of the agreement between the parties will be sent to NEPRA within 7 business days after the applicant signs the disco agreement.


Following this agreement, regardless of whether Disco decides to modify or upgrade the network, Disco will provide the applicant with a CCE (Connection Fee Estimate) to facilitate the proposed connection, which includes installation. M.

Applicants who need no modification or upgradation, will not receive a CCE, directly after the agreement.


The applicant will submit the CCE (connection fee estimate) to the relevant bank, after which he will inform the disco office in writing.

This payment should be paid as suggested in the CCE, dispatched by the DISCO in 20 days after it was issued.


Once paid by the applicant, the installation and handling of the connector proposed by the authorities will be handled by the disco within 30 days. This is because the alternator is distributed by NEPRA after checking the breeding license.


The charges which will be paid for the authorization of net metering in Pakistan at the suggested facility are as stated below:

  • The distributed generator will be responsible for all costs associated with the interconnection facilities, including the installation of the meter at the interconnection point.
  • Distributed generators can manage the additional costs that mainly arise from discos.
  • In addition to the provision and maintenance of interworking services, improvements can also be made to the system.
  • The one-time shutdown fee, as shown below, will be paid by the NEPRA Distributor Distributor via a payment order for the issuance of the Generation License.


Free                   0   to 20     kilowatt

Rs. 500             20 to 50      kilowatt

Rs. 1,000          50 to 100    kilowatt

Rs. 5,000         100 to 1000 kilowatt

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