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November Fuel Price @ 0.08 Paisa Per unit

1.NEPRA decided to charge 0.08 Paisa Per unit in the Fesco electricity bill in the month of November. This increase is on the units consumed by the Fesco consumer in the month of September 2022. Today on the 8th of November the NEPRA has decided to charge this amount for monthly FPA (Monthly fuel price adjustment. According to the CPPA, they demanded an increase of 20 Paisa per unit but the GOVT approved only a 0.08 Paisa increase in the fesco wapda bill in November 2022. This amount will be included in the current month.

Now again the fesco consumer will see an extra amount in the fesco bill in the box of FPA fuel price adjustment. it is a minor increase in fesco bill but it will.

2. One more thing is that the life line consumer of fesco will not suffer with the increase in fuel price and as well as the K electric consumer will also not change the fpa.

The FPA will be charged @ Rs. 0.08 in this month.

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