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New Rates have been applied from 25-07-2022. So you can calculate your bill according to the new rates. The base tariff has been revised by NEPRA and the new rates have been introduced. There are two categories of Domestic tariffs. Fesco introduced two categories which is listed below. The consumer who falls in the following category are

1-Protected Consumer
2-Non-Protected Consumer

Protected Consumer

Protected Consumers-FESCO ONLINE BILL

The NEPRA has introduced the category of a protected consumer. A consumer who uses less than 200 units regularly and continuously for 6 months is called a protected consumer. The slab rate of the protected consumer is shown in the protected box.

Non-Protected Consumer

The fesco consumer who crosses the limits of 200 units emits the category of protected consumers and falls into the non-protected consumer. The rates and slab are given in the list below. If the non-protected consumer wants to be back in protected consumer, then he must consume less than 200 units for 6 months. The rates will be charged high as mentioned below to nonprotected consumers.


Sr No UNITS Rate/Unit
For sanctioned load less than 5kw
i up to 50 units-life line 3.95
Protected ii 51-100 units life line 7.74
iii 1-100 units 7.74
iv 101-200 units 10.06
v 1-100 units 13.48
un-protected vi 101-200 Units 18.95
vii 201-300 units 22.14
viii 301-400 Units 25.53
ix 401-500 Units 27.74
x 501-600 Units 29.16
xi 601-700 Unts 30.30
xii Above 700 Units 35.22
For sanctioned load less than 5kw

& Above

Peak Off Peak
time of use 34.39 28.07