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12 Golden Rules To Save Electricity

Here the 12 golden tips to save electricity and save money by following these rules. Save electricity save money.

  1. Turn of all the unnecessary light.
  2. Plug off charger after you cell is fully charged.
  3. Use energy saver instead of ordinary lights.
  4. In offices use sun light as much you can during office time.
  5. Rare use of much electricity devices such as( Air conditioner, Iron, Electric Heater, Water Pump, Microwave, Electric Kettle, and Washing machine) .
  6. Less use of electricity during Peak time.
  7. Always use AC at 26c°.
  8. Never putt devices on standby mode.
  9. In shopping malls use less lights.
  10. Use less electricity equipment’s in industry.
  11. Turn on light when consumer arrives otherwise use of needy lights.
  12. Use standardized cable in wiring to save energy.

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