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Important Note: while you are going to check you bill keep in mind either you are Domestic consumer or industrial consumer/ Agricultural . If you are domestic consumer then click on Demotic bill view or if you are a industrial user then click on view industrial bill/agricultural bill.

While checking your fesco bill you can see all information about your Fesco bill. Fesco Bill include the following main information which are necessary fo the consumer of fesco. Fesco bill contains information about your recent month bill which you have to pay, due date at which you have to pay it. LPS late payment surcharge if you don’t pay your fesco bill intime or within due date. it shows the units which you consumed it the current month. All taxes included in the bill. The FESCO bill shows the whole year units consumption along with the payment made by the consumer throughout the financial year. It also included the income tax paid by the fesco consumer. After all the fesco bill is complete information about your consumption of electricity.