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Net Metering Procedure

How to Apply And Where To Apply For Net Metering?

Here is the complete guide for the consumers of FESCO, who wants to apply for the net metering. Please follow the instruction as given below with full details and procedure for the connection of net metering. Click on the logo of net metering and apply for net metering online.

FESCO net metering


The SOP for load above 25KW as approved by BoD FESCO in its 120th meeting Dated 30th Oct. 2017 as notified by Company secretary FESCO letter no 2228-29/ 120th BoD.  Dated 09/11/2017 shall be in vogue.

As purchase of Energy is involved, so all the cases must be monitored by the office of DG MIRAD FESCO. Cases of above 25KW sanctioned load, DG License from NEPRA shall be received and processed through the office of DG MIRAD FESCO.

Reference to Decision taken by Federal Cabinet in its meeting held on 31.08.21, NEPRA letter no.
DG(Licensing)/LAN-100/41048 dated 19.11.21, the consumers with sanctioned load below 25KW
were exempted from obtaining generation license from NEPRA regarding DG facility metering.

A revised activity flow chart for net-metering was issued vide circular # B/3/2/ACWA/19-PF dated: –
18/01/2022 by Ministry of Energy GoP. Based on these directions, a revised Net-metering SOP for FESCO is hereby proposed for approval please.

Reference to Decision taken by Federal Cabinet in its meeting held on 31.08.21, NEPRA letter no. DG(Licensing)/LAN-100/41048 dated 19.11.21 and direction of the FESCO Management to
expedite the net metering, the existing FESCO workflow for processing of Net Metering
applications from 5KW and above is proposed as under:

The Net-metering connections are hereby proposed to be allowed on those feeders having less than 50% ATC loss so as to avoid FESCO from further loss of the Imported Energy from the Net-
metering Consumers.



Application  Submission Form: (Processing Time = 2 Days)

FESCO offices shall receive Net-metering applications (up to 1MW) according to the existing

sanctioning powers as defined in NEPRA Consumer Service Manual-2021, on first come first serve

For connections on General Transformer, Net-metering connection be granted until the grid

connected solar roof top photovoltaic (SRTPV) installed capacity reaches 30% of the closest

upstream general distribution transformer rated capacity on the verification by Sanctioning officer.

1.2. Provide information and NEPRA approved documents:

Any applicant who meets the requirement of DG as defined in NEPRA (Alternative & Renewable Energy) Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations, 2015, submits their application along with all necessary documents to FESCO Sanctioning Office. Standard Application form is attached as Schedule-II.

1.3. Submission of application along with requisite documents in original:

Following list of Documents are required to be submitted with application form:

S/No Document Status
1 Inspection of Electrical Installation Certificate Signed by authorized

Engineer of AEDB Certified Company as per direction of AEDB issued

vide letter No. B/3/1/Net Met/09 dated 13-02-2018

2 Site plan showing location of external disconnect switch. Mandatory
3 Schematic drawings, Single line diagram of the system. Mandatory
4 Technical Data of components including solar modules, invertors, etc. Mandatory
5 Copy of last paid electricity bill. (Name of applicant and name mentioned

on electricity bill must be same).

6 Attested copy of CNIC. Mandatory
7 Agreement form as per Schedule-I. Mandatory


8 Application form as per Schedule-II. Mandatory
9 Application for exemption from the requirement of section 24 of the Act

as specified in schedule-IV.

10 Ownership proof. Mandatory
11 Electric Inspector wiring test report (for above 25KW cases). Mandatory
12 Affidavit by Distributed generator as specified in Schedule-VI. Mandatory
13 Load flow study (for 25 KW and above If required). Mandatory
14 AEDB/ DG MIRAD FESCO attested copy of “DG Certificate” of installer

and vender.

15 Any other document. If required

1.4. Acknowledgement of application:

FESCO Sanctioning Office will acknowledge its receipt (with clear proper diary number and date) and inform the applicant whether the application is completed in all respect or not.

1.5. Incomplete application form: (Processing Time = 5 Days)

In case the application is found incomplete as per above check list, FESCO Sanctioning Office will
return the application and will ask the applicant to complete the application and re-submit it. The
applicant will have to re-submit the application in complete form to FESCO Sanctioning Office
within 2 Days.

For more and complete guide download the pdf manual with the given link  below.

Download Complete Guide